Svein Rikard Mathisen // Somebody's Quartet


SRM, guitar & compostitions

Søren Gemmer, piano/wurli & photo/visuals

Paul Hinz, bass

Andreas Fryland, drums

On several occasions:

John Derek Bishop aka. Tortusa, Live Sampling


Somebody's Quartet - Live

MONSTERS-tour 2017

I Guess Seeing One More Episode Won't Hurt Anyone

Chagall, Bergen October 2017



Inge W. Breistein, saxophones & compositions

SRM, guitar & compostitions

Johannes Vaht, double bass (Gadgets & Mutant)

Øyvind Skarbø, drums (Mutant)

Raymond Storaunet Lavik, drums (Gadgets)

John Derek Bishop AKA Tortusa, live sampling (Mutant)

MUTANT at Nattjazz, Bergen, 2017


Members on this album:

Magnus Bakken, saxophones & compositions

Bo Berg, bass & compostitions

Pål Gunnar Fiksdal, trumpet

Ture Janson, guitar

Kristian Wentzel, keys

Knut Løchsen, keys

Ole Morten Sommer, drums

Bjørn E. Hanstveit, percussion

SRM, guitar

Cosmopolite, Oslo, april 2016

The Waiting Game

Pour House Lady

Photo by Emil W. Breistein

... and maybe this really is the guy who found the lost chord, and a few more!