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1. Obstruction

2. Who Broke The Bat?

3. Pheasant Cookin'

4. Nightmares

5. Hedmark

6. Vanity

7. A Moon On A Sunny Day

8. New Beginnings

9. I Guess Seeing One More Episode Won't Hurt Anyone


Somebody's Quartet:

Svein Rikard Mathisen, guitar/compositions

William Larsson, piano

Paul Hinz, bass

Andreas Fryland, drums


Aske Drasbæk, alto sax

Maylen Rusti, vocals


Recorded in The Village in june, 2014, Copenhagen, DK

Mixed by Bjørn Gjessing

Mastered by Giert Clausen at Fersk Lyd A/S

Label: Curling Legs A/S


Svein Rikard Mathisen // Copenhagen Diaries

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